aluminum and steel trailers
Open Car Hauler

The ATC Open Car Hauler

(18" - tanden 3500# axles)
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Low Clearance
Side Rail
Door Clearance
Tire Rack
Air Dam/Gravel Guard
Winch Platform

Low Clearance

Low clearance cars like this Porsche are difficult to drive onto many trialers. The ATC Open Car Hauler long ramps and beavertail allow low clearance cars to easily transition onto the trailer without scrapping the underside of the car.

Side Rail

The ATC Open Car Hauler was designed to haul your most prized possession, your car. But it can haul much more than that. The ATC OCH Side Rail allows you to move the trailer ramps anywhere on the side, so you can side load toys like motorcycles and ATV’s. Use the same side rail to strap your toys down, and you’re good to go for a weekend trip.

Door Clearance

The deck of an ATC Open Car Hauler is high enough for the door of a low clearance Porsche to clear the fender. No need to hassle with removable fenders. Our fender is securely welded to the frame of the trailer, adding to its strength.

Tire Rack


The ATC Open Car Hauler Tire Rack is build durable enough to handle the continual work load of an avid racer. You can trust the 2” x 2” inch tubal aluminum frame to securely hold a full rack of race tires for a cross country trip to your favorite race track, year after year.

Air Dam/Gravel Guard


The sleek looking ATC Air Dam/Gravel Guard protects your car from loose debris on the highway. Its slight curvature makes it aerodynamic, its slim profile maximizes the deck space for the car and other cargo, and its mill finish gives it a clean look.

Winch Platform

Detachable Winch Platform - $299
Total Package - $1,295
  • 5200lb Winch
  • Detachable Platform
  • 12V Deep Cycle Battery
  • Battery Platform

The ATC Open Car Hauler Detachable Winch Mount keeps your winch off the deck of your trailer, maximizing deck space for the car and other cargo. The mount can easily be removed by pulling a pin, allowing for easy storage during snow and rain, or if your worried about theft. It’s made of durable powder coated steel.

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Quest & Signature Standard Colors

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Polar White Polar White Available Available Available
Trailer Black Black Available Available Available
Medium Charcoal Gray Metallic Medium Charcoal Available Available  
Dark Gray Metallic Dark Gray Metallic Available    
Light Pewter Metallic Light Pewter Metallic Available Available  
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Brandywine Brandywine Available    
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Emerald Green Metallic Emerald Green Metallic Available    
Chevy Green Chevy Green   Available  

Quest & Signature Premium Colors

Color .030 .040 .050
Metallic Gray Metallic Gray   Available Available
Hunter Red Hunter Red   Available Available
Old Coke Red Old Coke Red   Available  
Allied Orange Allied Orange     Available
Schneider Orange Schneider Orange Available    
Penske Yellow Penske Yellow Available Available  
Ryder Yellow Ryder Yellow   Available  
New Pepsico Blue New Pepsico Blue   Available  
Old Pepsico Blue Old Pepsico Blue   Available  
Forest Green Deep Green Metallic   Available